HGTV’s ‘Revealed’ Blends Veronica Valencia’s Love of Family With Design [Exclusive]


HGTV showrunner turned designer, Veronica Valencia joined her TV magic experience with a design pillar close to her heart for the new series Revealed.

Launching Thursday, June 29, the series will focus on the homeowners’ family history, heritage, and culture to spark inspiration for every renovation. As her own Mexican and Native American culture has influenced her own design, in each episode Valencia consults with a genealogist to learn more about her clients’ cultural identity and create a life-size mood board inspired by the aesthetic details of their family story.

“I think when you merge design and television, it’s a very interesting, beautiful world,” Valencia told Showbiz Cheat Sheet. “I run a private company, a design firm on the side, and that in itself is its own thing. But with TV, I actually find it easier. And I think that way just because of my upbringing as a producer. I’m a producer, but I have an interior design background.”

“I’ve worked with so many designers and I value my relationship with the on-camera designer so much. Like, it’s almost like they’re my clients. And I’m the design director of their firm and I hold their brand like to be so important.”

What is Veronica Valencia’s brand on ‘Revealed’?

Because Valencia has worked with so many designers, she had to reflect on what her own style was for Revealed. “It was funny because I just was like, Veronica, just focus on what you’ve done, focus on the family.”

Veronica Valencia stands in a kitchen
Veronica Valencia | Photo courtesy of HGTV

Valencia’s family focus on Revealed includes two “reveals.” One allows the family to explore their history and the other is the home design reveal.

“Because not only are there two reveals in the episode like you have this beautiful family ancestry history reveal, but every makeover is so different,” he said. “So I think my brand is family. There’s so many design esthetics and beautiful takeaways.”

All ‘Revealed’ clients are real

Valencia emphasized that every homeowner is a real client who is working with a real budget. “These are real clients with real renovations, real budgets, and they all have something different that they want to find out,” she explained. “So the producer in me, whenever we’re going through casting, it’s like so we have this family, and here’s their renovation. Here’s their design style that they’re longing to incorporate more of their roots into their home.”

For instance, the family could know that they have roots in the South, but nothing else. “And so I would give every episode a title and tell the showrunners and the design team, that this episode is about building roots,” Valencia said.

The series is about design but also storytelling. “Every family is so different. It doesn’t matter if we had two families with the same background ethnicity, their stories are so different,” she shared. “They still have different ancestors. And so I feel like this is really going to resonate with a lot of people.”

What does Veronica Valencia hope viewers take away from ‘Revealed’?

Valencia hopes that viewers see the beauty in their own story and how it influences design. Also, “Your home doesn’t have to be perfect. And I think that it’s so hard nowadays when you see Pinterest, and all these beautiful images, that these are the touch points.”

“But it’s really like you will have a sense of belonging if you work to incorporate more of your family into your home. And I know family looks different for everybody. There are some people who don’t know their parents or who lost their parents,” she said. “And so I just hope that it just makes you think about your family a little bit more and about where you come from because that’s special and that’s why we’re all here.”

Catch the season premiere of Revealed on HGTV on Thursday, June 29 at 10/9c.


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