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Lenco continue to celebrate their 75th anniversary with another set of stylish turntables

Lenco LS-440 & LS-50LED review

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Dutch brand Lenco continues to celebrate its 75th anniversary, with a set of new stylish turntables.

The first one is the Lenco LS-440, which is a great choice for vinyl enthusiasts.

The LS-440 doesn’t look like your standard turntable as its body is enveloped in a soft but sturdy fabric that comes in two different colours.

The light blue and grey designs are both great choices as their muted colour schemes will slot right into most house set-ups. It is completed with built-in speakers which add to the homely aesthetic.

The LS-440 has an elegant style that will be a great addition to the family home with its modest design, allowing it to complement most living room decor.

It’s a belt-driven turntable, capable of playing all vinyl sizes from 7’ to 12’ at two different speeds of 33 and 45 RPM, which is nice as it allows you to pick the quality you prefer.

The LS-440 has an elegant style with a muted colour scheme



It comes built with a high-quality Audio Technica moving magnetic cartridge to ensure extremely high-fidelity audio quality.

The tonearm can be adjusted with the counterweight allowing you to control the downward pressure of the stylus to record. This is a great feature that will help preserve your vinyl, especially the older ones.

As mentioned earlier, the LS-440 comes with four integrated speakers, two at 15-watt and two at 10-watt.

The speakers are much more powerful than they appear, although I wouldn’t replace your actual speakers they make splendid back-ups that can be used at small events or parties.

It comes built with an integrated RCA line level that will connect to most Hi-Fi and Amps and is straightforward to set up.

The LS-440 features additional connectivity controls such as BlueTooth, that give the user great authority over how they want to listen to their music.

It comes with four built in speakers



Verdict 4/5

The LS-440 is a nice piece of technology that isn’t too overcomplicated to control and even if it’s missing a few features the up-and-coming DJs may require, it’s a great choice for music fans.

The second-anniversary turntable is the LS-50LED which is an updated version of the LS-50 that was released a few years ago.

Its delicate nonchalant design is very reminiscent of a classical turntable with a modern twist.

This may appear to be one of Lenco’s most simplistic turntables ever but its minimalist design hides an array of brilliant features.

The legs are home to the turntable speakers which may seem like an odd place to put them but having the option of portable speakers is a great addition nonetheless.

The speakers are built with 4 watts of power that can be improved with the built-in amplifier, however, these aren’t the best speakers and it’s better to opt for portable ones.

The LS-50LED will add a splash of colour to your parties



The main selling point of the LS-50LED is the LED lights within the turntable platter, these are a fun feature to include as they match the beat of the music.

However, I felt the customisation was really limited and selecting the different presets can be a bit of a chore with only one button controlling everything.

This is certainly a great idea but extra controls via an app and more colour options would make this a fantastic addition.

The built in speakers can be found in its legs



It’s a belt-driven turntable, capable of playing all vinyl sizes from 7’ to 12’ at three different speeds of 33, 45 and 78 RPM, which is nice as it allows you to pick the quality you prefer.

A great feature that Lenco are including in a lot of their turn tables is the ability to digitise music tracks using the Audio software Audacity.

Audacity is audio recording software that will allow you to capture your vinyl, however, it records in real-time so the process will take as long as the music plays for.

Verdict 3/5

The LS-50LED is a fun concept for a turntable that will definitely add a splash of colour to your party, however, it would have been amazing to have been able to customise the LED lights a little bit more via an app.

The Lenco LS-440 is out now for £249.99 and the Lenco LS-50LED for £149.99

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