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Hi, AD.

Welcome to our home.

[upbeat music]

So this is the entryway here.

We built this from the ground up.

So, it’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like that.

It was quite an undertaking.

I think having spent so much time as an ex-pat in Europe

and really falling in love with Georgian proportions

and those kinds of details,

I really wanted the entryway

to feel like its own special room.

And so, with the architects,

we conceived of having a fireplace,

which is something you see a lot in Europe in an entryway,

and just gives this really nice feeling

of warmth and welcome as you come in.

The tiles reminds me of, as I said,

my time living in London,

and just a detail that’s classic and traditional.

I really like the mix of having the things

that are sort of systemic to the house.

They’re more traditional.

We have reclaimed fireplaces and old floors,

and then I think it gives sort of leeway

to have a more contemporary,

mixed experience with the furnishings and stuff like that.

[upbeat music]

This is one of my favorite little rooms of the house,

the powder room.

It’s got all this hand-done antiqued mirror

and hand-painted wallpaper.

It’s got a reclaimed sink.

It’s got tons of different textures and metal finishes.

It’s really pretty.

I love it.

It makes me feel very grown up when I pee in here.

[upbeat music]

So this is the dining room here.

I enlisted my friend Bridget to help me furnish the house.

She’s been one of my best friends for 20 years.

And I was trying to do it by myself

and it was, I couldn’t do it.

But some of the things I had ordered before we started,

like this beautiful table.

This came from France,

a beautiful furniture gallery called Cole Cose.

And then Bridget found

these really cool contemporary chairs.

And this chandelier, which I can’t decide

if it looks like a grasshopper or lily pads or something.

It’s a little futuristic for me.

Bridget and I, I wanna say we fought,

but we definitely, there was some friction,

and then we landed on it being pretty cool and fabulous.

That’s what I love about it, is the pearls.

I think they’re so beautiful and unique.

There’s something also a bit Star Trek about it,

but I’ve grown to really love it.

[upbeat music]

And again, we have a reclaimed fireplace here

from Chateau Domingue,

and then this wallpaper is so amazing.

It’s hand-painted by these artists in Los Angeles.

It’s called MJ Atelier.

And they also made the powder room wallpaper.

They do these incredible 3D wallpapers

and all kinds of different textures and colors.

So I love that the wallpaper really grounds the room

in kind of a more traditional feel.

And then again, we have some super

contemporary items mixed in.

I entertain a lot.

I cook all the time and I wanted it to feel both welcoming,

but also that you could have like a formal dinner party.

And I think it strikes the right balance.

I mean, the kitchen’s right there.

So we have our informal there,

but it’s also nice to just kinda gather around here

with the kids and you can spill pasta and wine

and it just wipes right off.

[upbeat music]

So this is the kitchen.

I love it so much.

The heart of the home.

This was designed by the architects who did the house,

Roman and Williams.

They’re amazing design firm in New York.

And they did all of the architecture,

and they had done my apartment in New York City,

which I don’t have anymore.

They had done this kitchen there for me,

which I lived in this kitchen.

It was bright and airy and white.

And it had a lot of these similar details

like in the cabinetry.

So I wanted to pull in some elements from the kitchen

that they had done for us there, cabinetry being one,

and also having the range be in the middle of the room

because I cook so much and I spent so much of my time

facing the wall and my kids would be in the room.

So when it’s like this,

you have the opportunity to cook and chat with people.

This is Portuguese tile.

It’s reclaimed tile

that Robin from Roman and Williams found.

And I just like, look for those little elements

to kind of bring some texture and some homey feeling in.

We also put the fireplace in, which is such a luxury

to be able to have a wood-burning fireplace in your kitchen.

It does take me back to my days living in the UK.

I had two wood-burning fireplaces in the kitchen,

and it was just such an important element

of beating those cold, dark winters.

And I just got so used to having the fires on all the time.

So when Robin and Steven and I came to sit down

and design the house, I said, I’d love to have,

if it’s possible,

I’d love to have a fireplace in the kitchen.

And then Bridget and I kind of came up with this

really cool treatment to make this fluting with plaster,

which I found on, something similar on Pinterest.

And then I was like,

I think this would be such a nice way

to finish the wall instead of just having some dry wall.

And then Bridget found these amazing lights

that are just so beautiful.

[upbeat music]

And then this, I love particularly.

This is like, my dream,

to have all my pots lined up.

These beautiful cast iron pots.

In the fall, I love to cook,

I love to braise things

and make soups and stews and warming things.

I always gravitate towards whatever produce is in season.

Then in spring,

is when you start to get this abundance in California

of all this amazing produce.

I mean, we get it all year round.

We’re very spoiled, but I love really fresh just farmers.

I love going to the farmer’s market

and planning the meal on the fly.

My son’s favorite recipe that I make

is turkey meatballs or turkey ragu.

He loves pasta and he loves turkey sauce.

I would say that’s his favorite.

And my daughter loves when I make, they’re pasta lovers.

I think her favorite is either this lemon Parmesan pasta

that I make her or a spicy marinara.

Very easy.

This also was a dream come true for me

to have these particular blue plates on a wall.

And I think it just, if you get plates

that have a beautiful pattern, you wanna see them.

And usually, they’re just stacked in the cupboard.

So we did this plate wall

and it brings a pop of color to the house.

And then Steven, the architect,

he insisted on us realizing his rolling ladder,

which I love.

And I’m so glad because there was a fight between Matt,

the contractor and Steven

about whether this would be actually usable and workable.

This is something that I learned from the woman

that I bought my house from in Los Angeles,

Windsor Smith, another designer.

I loved how in different rooms,

she completely changes floors.

And I think it’s such a nice way

to offer a distinct personality to a room.

And so, I’m not afraid of changing floors,

as you’ll see as we go through.

[upbeat music]

So this is the living room.

It’s kind of bonkers in the best way, I think.

I really wanted it to be a bit of a showstopper.

And there were certain elements

that I really knew that I wanted.

I had this swing in a different house,

and the original swing we lost in the fire,

but I really had a vision of having this swing there,

which I lie in it all the time.

I mean, I go there and I read

or talk on the phone or whatever,

and it’s become one of my favorite spots.

The lights, I’m friendly with Lindsey Adelman,

who’s an amazing lighting designer as I’m sure you know,

and I kinda just sent her drawings of the room

and I said, Just do whatever.

And so, she came back with this insanely beautiful.

This is, I think, from her Paradise collection,

I think it’s Paradise City.

I think it’s somehow inspired by Guns N’ Roses.

It’s just so cool.

And it was so nice to give

such an amazing artist like Lindsey

license to just do whatever she wanted.

Like, we made no edits.

I just said, Do it.

It’s like the jewelry for the living room.

[upbeat music]

This bar is I, again, I found this,

I found the inspiration on the internet,

this beautiful kind of jade bar somewhere.

It was very modern.

And so, I asked Steven and Robin

if there was a way that we could kind of take the idea,

but make it different and unique,

and also slightly more traditional

to fit in with those more traditional elements of the house.

And so, they drew this beautiful thing.

And then Bridget and I went to the stone yard

and we were kind of like wandering around.

We didn’t know what material we were gonna choose.

And we were looking at some quartzes

and some different marbles.

And then we both came from different directions

and saw this and fell in love with it at the same time.

I don’t even know what kind of marble it is,

but it’s so pretty.

I usually have some Japanese whiskey

is usually my favorite thing to have.

Unfortunately, I’m not drinking very much this year.

So I’m having mostly Seedlip cocktails,

which is like mocktail or sparkling water.

But when the time comes, I will heavily utilize her.

This couch, I don’t remember

where I first saw this couch,

but I knew that I wanted it for this house when I saw it.

I ordered it, and then I was like, Bridget, help me.

And then she kind of modified the size a little bit.

I just love that it’s already in a U-shape

so that people feel like they can pile in.

There’s something almost like 70s about that,

which I love.

And we actually use this all the time,

even though we just kind of moved in.

We’re in this room a lot

and it’s a really nice place to sit and be together.

[upbeat music]

Okay, this is kind of the most incredible

thing of the house.

[upbeat music]

It’s a bit of a spa moment happening.



You know, I’m into wellness,

so I feel like it’s justified, right?

I mean, yeah,

well, maybe I can write it off as a business expense.

I think when we were conceiving of the house,

we were trying to think of just like

a forever, forever home and what would be the few things

that are just so special

and that you could use when you’re much older.

And so, we were kind of thinking it would be amazing

to have a real spa.

And there’s one in Paris called Bain de la Marais

and it sort of mimics that in its own way.

Robin and Steven found these amazing tiles.

They’re handmade.

And I love all the details

that they had done and the color.

And it’s very calming in here as well.

And there’s a cold plunge, excellent for circulation.

A hot tub.

And then there’s a steam and a sauna.

These are beautiful.

Roman and Williams designed these for Waterworks.

It’s part of their Atlas collection.

And it’s beautiful.

It’s like this kind of industrial design

and the unlacquered brass that we have as a theme

kind of running throughout the house, which I love,

which gives some, it gives everything such a great hand.

I come in here every day.

I use it all the time, and whenever I’m in here,

I’m like, pinch me.

I cannot believe that this is our house,

that we live here.

It’s so fun.

[upbeat music]

Well, AD, thank you so much for stopping by.

It was a real pleasure to have you,

and I have to go make some meatballs.

So see you later.

[upbeat music]


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