At over 6ft 7 tall, Justin Van Breda is invariably the tallest person in the room but – even without such stature – it is his charisma and warm-hearted manner which ensure his presence is unmissable in any gathering. 

The British-based, South-African-born designer is a man of drive as well as talent. In addition to running his interior design studio from London and the Cotswolds, Justin Van Breda designs exclusive furniture, fabric and rug collections under his eponymous brand and these are available to an international clientele through showrooms in London, South Africa and coast to coast in the US. 

Each specialism bears his attentive focus to detail, his support of craftsmanship, and his international perspective of interior design, although his love of timeless English style is also deeply embedded in the interiors he creates.

Justin van Breda at his Cotswolds home

(Image credit: Jenny Rose Innes and Simon Griffiths)

Over a 20+ year career so far, starting with his first professional position in the interiors studio of Nicky Haslam in 1999, Justin Van Breda has launched his own interior design atelier, developed furniture collections, fabric ranges, upholstery collections and honed bespoke services, but it is, perhaps, his more recent creation of community-focussed workshops that use interior design for positive impact that have drawn the greatest admiration for his work.

Blue sofa, white sofa, wooden coffee table

Cape Town Villa sitting room by Justin van Breda

(Image credit: Justin van Breda/Jenny Rose Innes and Simon Griffiths)

Justin Van Breda’s Cape Weaver Rattan collection (below), launched in 2019, was the first of his initiatives deliberately combining socio-economic vision with aspirational interior design. 


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